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OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Mindfulness Workshops & Retreats in Westchester

I teach the basics of mindfulness meditation to adults and children in Westchester County, NY. Get in touch with me to find out how we can work together.

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Hi, I'm Kelsa!

I'm a mindfulness meditation teacher with over a decade of experience helping people find inner peace using basic meditation tools & practices.

I'll show you how to use ancient wisdom to uncover solutions to your modern struggles - at work, school, home, and in your relationships.

Get in touch now to begin your meditation journey.

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Trainings & Certifications

Ways We Can Work Together

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Personal sessions designed to teach you basic tools that you can apply to your specific situation to unlock your inner wisdom and gifts.

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Local meditation classes for beginners, and workshops tailored to groups such as businesses, schools, teams, and clubs.

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Immersive, half-day workshops to help you master the basics of meditation in a supportive, small-group environment.

Get Started

To begin your personal meditation journey, or to book a workshop for your local group, jump on a call with me. Together, we will create the perfect plan based on your needs.

TESTIMONIALS Client feedback

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Kelsa came to teach a mindfulness and empowerment class to my second graders, and they sat rapt listening to her interactive lessons for an hour — a true feat for someone leading a group of 7 year olds. Engaging, passionate and smart, Kelsa is the perfect combination of inspiring and educational — every child finished her session believing they could be their best selves. 

Brooke Lea Foster

Author of the novels Summer Darlings & On Gin Lane
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As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and it is very easy to get distracted. Kelsa's meditation coaching helped me to quiet my brain and look inside for guidance on what is important. I truly believe staying focused on the right things is the key to being successful as an entrepreneur and meditation is the tool for building this focus.

Corrie Wiedmann

Founder of Wonder Crate
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Kelsa's mindfulness coaching has helped me in so many ways: professionally, creatively, and personally. She has helped me learn how to slow down and be present at the moment so I can be open to new ideas and opportunities. This skill has proven so useful in all areas of my life! Her coaching style is firm but supportive. Her guidance is always well thought out and very accessible. I am so grateful for the work she does!

Anne Cavaliere Conneely

Private Voice Coach